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Measure Final revision (if needed) and approval of the draft normative legal acts indicated in subclause (if needed)

Measure status:


Actual execution date:


The measure is aimed at achieving ESR: The specific considerations of procurement of medications and medical devices necessitated by the pandemic or carried out during the pandemic are established in such a way as to prevent corruption risks

Problem solving:

2.7.1. Patients and doctors do not receive medications and medical devices in a timely manner and in full, in particular due to the incomplete transition to the new system of organization and control of medical procurement, and the incomplete regulation of the processes of identifying the needs for and accounting of medications


01.10.2023 - 31.10.2023

Responsible implementors (authorities):

The main implementer: Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Sources of funding:

state budget

Volumes of financing (thousand UAH):

within the established budget allocations for the relevant year

Performance indicator:

The amendments to the normative legal acts have been approved.

Implementing status

Progress/Result of implementation:

In order to implement the measure provided for in subclause of the State Anti-Corruption Program for 2023-2025 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine established that according to the findings of analytical study specified in subclause the development of drafts of normative legal acts on amendments to normative legal acts is not provided for, therefore amendments to normative legal acts were not approved.

Monitoring results (quarterly):

The measure was implemented on time and in full

Key sources of assessment: