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Measure Launching the Single Portal for Whistleblower Reports

Measure status:


Actual execution date:


The measure is aimed at achieving ESR: Legislation has been amended to ensure convenient reporting of corruption and effective review of such reports;
The Single Portal for Whistleblower Reports is functioning

Problem solving:

1.6.2. Lack of essential knowledge to properly report cases of corruption, the entities authorized to review them, as well as a mechanism for effective review of such reports


01.07.2023 - 31.08.2023

Responsible implementors (authorities):

The main implementer: National Agency on Corruption Prevention

Sources of funding:

state budget and/or international technical assistance funds

Volumes of financing (thousand UAH):

within the established budget allocations for the relevant year

Performance indicator:

The Single Portal for Whistleblower Reports has been launched.

Implementing status

Progress/Result of implementation:

By order of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention dated August 31, 2023 No. 190/23, the information and communications system "Single Portal for Whistleblower Reports" was put into permanent (commercial) operation from 00:00 on September 06, 2023.

Monitoring results (quarterly):

The measure was not implemented on time and in full
Implementation of the measure has started on time

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