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Measure Drafting and submitting to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine a draft law proposing amendments to select legislative acts of Ukraine pertaining to the resolution of specific issues of connection to utility networks, which:
1) introduces the “one-stop” procedure for providing services involving connection to networks of all entities that are natural monopolies (supply and distribution of electricity and natural gas, heat supply, centralized hot water supply, centralized water supply and centralized wastewater disposal) in order to minimize interactions between the client and entities that are natural monopolies;
2) establishes a unified procedure for connecting to utility networks and unified approaches to determining the connection fee (the same price for the service involving connection to utility networks of the same kind is established within the same territorial community);
3) defines the procedure for inventorying existing utility networks, according to which the requirements for planning (urban development) documentation can be refined in greater detail simultaneously with the inventory process;
4) establishes that information about utility networks must be reflected in the State Land Cadaster, on the National Geoportal, in the Unified State Electronic System in Construction, the unified electronic urban development cadaster, geospatial information systems of enterprises (other than classified information);
5) provides for the alignment of development plans of specific industries with spatial plans (urban development documentation) by developing industry-specific plans;
6) abolishes “technical specifications” as input data for design, in order to create a favorable environment for investing activities, with the information about available capacity (and prospects of its expansion) and the distance and route to points where capacity is available to be obtained automatically from the unified electronic urban development cadaster, with the simultaneous reflection of this information in the unified electronic urban development cadaster, the Unified State Electronic System in Construction, geospatial information systems of enterprises, and on the National Geoportal;
7) provides for the preparation of engineering documentation on land management with respect to the establishment of buffer zones and reflecting the buffer zones in the State Land Cadaster and the unified electronic urban development cadaster, making adjustments to the zones in accordance with land management documentation depending on the terrain features, the technology used to install the utility networks, etc. (if the draft law indicated in subclause is not passed).

Measure status:

Not implemented

The measure is aimed at achieving ESR: Easy and quick access to utility and transportation infrastructure has been ensured

Problem solving:

2.5.3. The flawed system of state oversight and regulation in the construction sector fosters corrupt practices


01.03.2023 - 31.08.2023

Responsible implementors (authorities):

The main implementer: Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine

Sources of funding:

state budget

Volumes of financing (thousand UAH):

within the established budget allocations for the relevant year

Performance indicator:

The draft law has been submitted to the Parliament of Ukraine.

Implementing status

Progress/Result of implementation:

За інформацією Мінінфраструктури: "Виконується. Здійснюється попередній аналіз нормативно-правових актів у сфері регулювання".

Водночас не надано дані щодо розробки або подання Кабінетові Міністрів України зазначеного проекту закону, таким чином захід не виконано.

Monitoring results (quarterly):

The measure has not been implemented
The measure has not been implemented
The measure has not been implemented

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