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Measure Arranging the connection of ARMA and the National Agency to the SIENA secure data exchange system

Measure status:


Actual execution date:


The measure is aimed at achieving ESR: The management of assets seized in criminal proceedings, the search for illegally obtained assets outside Ukraine and their repatriation are carried out effectively, inter alia, owing to: the strengthening of the institutional capacity of ARMA;
the improvement of legislation governing the transfer of assets for management; ensuring effective international cooperation

Problem solving:

3.3.3. The legislation governing the activity of the ARMA contains numerous gaps and corruption risks. Low effectiveness of the processes of transferring assets to ARMA for management to preserve their economic value, as well as the processes of combating and preventing money laundering


01.03.2023 - 29.02.2024

Responsible implementors (authorities):

The main implementer: Asset Recovery and Management Agency

Sources of funding:

state budget

Volumes of financing (thousand UAH):

within the established budget allocations for the relevant year

Performance indicator:

ARMA and the National Agency are able to exchange data via the SIENA secure data exchange system.

Implementing status

Progress/Result of implementation:

The Asset Recovery and Management Agency is connected to the SIENA secure data exchange system.

Monitoring results (quarterly):

The measure was not implemented on time and in full
Implementation of the measure has started on time

Key sources of assessment:

1. Asset Recovery and Management Agency: ARMA's letter to the National Police of Ukraine

Additional sources of information: